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Welcome to our Entertainment arcade. Here you can play free online flash games. For your convenience we have sorted the games into relevant categories. Kindly feel free to register with us to get more options on our arcade. We hope you enjoy your time on our website !!!

We present Premium Games for your ultimate entertainment. These games are high quality, free online games selected carefully for your pleasure.

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Featured Game

Kamikaze FrogsKamikaze Frogs
Shoot the frogs before they hit you.

Latest Content

Bugatti Jigsaw
Bugatti Jigsaw
Drag the pieces into right position
More Puzzle Games
Scooby Doo - Mystery Machine Ride
Scooby Doo - Mystery Machine Ride
Try to collect as much ghosts as you can.
More Scooby Doo Games
Mario Wanted
Mario Wanted
Shoot the enemies as they pull up beside you.
More Mario Games
Stone Age
Stone Age
Create and lead your own tribe from first human-primates
More Strategy Games
ATV Vegas Race
ATV Vegas Race
Drive fast, drive carefully and complete all levels.
More Racing Games
Sweet Cookie Shop
Sweet Cookie Shop
You must server the kids with preferred cookies.
More Kids Games

Action Games

Cave EscapeCave Escape
Dodge the rocks and get out of the cave alive.
Dead Tree DefendDead Tree Defend
Eliminate all enemies from the top of the tree.
Jump on the mice and crush them to pulp.
Throw boomerangs to kill the kangaroos.
The VikingThe Viking
Use your viking to destroy the gladiators.
Monkey LanderMonkey Lander
Safely land your monkey while collecting fruits.

Sports Games

Stunt ManiaStunt Mania
Perform stunts on your bike and earn accolades.
Peanut GamePeanut Game
Flick as many peanuts in the goal as you can.
Stunt BikeStunt Bike
Draw your ramp and jump your bike.
Horsey RacingHorsey Racing
Race your horse and jump hurdles.
Battle PongBattle Pong
Bounce the ball back with your paddle.
Donut HockeyDonut Hockey
Score goals with your donut.

Puzzle Games

Attack OTBAttack OTB
Draw lines and rescue your crew.
G BallG Ball
Rotate the board and guide the ball to the finish.
Flower FrenzyFlower Frenzy
Quickly align 3 or more flowers.
Alpha AttackAlpha Attack
Kill enemies by pressing the correct alphabet.
Match color sequences in this classic game.
Professor FizzwizzleProfessor Fizzwizzle
Guide the professor to the exit path.

Adventure Games

Jump and guide braidy duck to the bumpers.
Abba on a MissionAbba on a Mission
Jump and collect envelopes before time runs out.
Stealth HunterStealth Hunter
Avoid detection and reach the exit point.
Fly flappy the bird as far as you can.
Move your snake and clear the red dots.
Pre HistoricPre Historic
Help the cave man find his way back.

Racing Games

Stunt Bike IslandStunt Bike Island
Pull stunts and trick moves on your bike.
City RacersCity Racers
Conquer the race track and win the race.
Mud RallyMud Rally
Eat the butterflies and avoid the bees.
Extreme RacingExtreme Racing
Complete the 10 laps without crashing.
Nitro TrabiNitro Trabi
Race and clock the best lap times.
ATV Vegas RaceATV Vegas Race
Drive fast, drive carefully and complete all levels.

Barbie Games

Barbie in AutumnBarbie in Autumn
Dress up Barbie for the autumn season.
Dressup good old barbie.
Beautiful BrideBeautiful Bride
Dress up the bride for her wedding.
Fashion Room 1Fashion Room 1
Give people a complete make over.
Barbie in GownsBarbie in Gowns
Dress up Barbie in lovely gowns.
Barbie in SpringBarbie in Spring
Dress up Barbie in the spring season.

Card Games

Monster MasterMonster Master
Blackjack ElfBlackjack Elf
Play the casino game of black jack.
3 Card Monte3 Card Monte
Find the queen by sharp observation.
Stack rows of matching cards.
Tiki FreecellTiki Freecell
Enjoy a game of classic freecell.
Tiki SolitaireTiki Solitaire
Test your patience in this game of solitaire.

Girl Games

Happy LoversHappy Lovers
Dress up the happy lovers.
Happy Doll 4Happy Doll 4
Dress up the short haired doll.
Happy Doll 5Happy Doll 5
Dress the doll with western outfits.
Precious FashionPrecious Fashion
Put the latest fashion clothes on the girl.
Talk About SummerTalk About Summer
Dress up the girl with the summer clothes.
Beautiful PrincessBeautiful Princess
Dress up the beautiful princess.

Football Games

Soccer BallSoccer Ball
Keep the ball bouncing in the air as long as possible.
2 Minute Drill2 Minute Drill
Play the football trivia and test your knowledge.
Future FootballFuture Football
Play ball and score the goal.
Jetix SoccerJetix Soccer
Test your soccer skills.
Wear The ShirtWear The Shirt
Score goals in penalty shoot out.
The Champions 2The Champions 2
Win the most prestigious Soccer championship.

Fishing Games

Catch all the fish from the lake.
Shooting FishShooting Fish
Aim and throw your harpoon to catch fishes.
Help the fish chomp as many red worms as possible.
Fishing FeverFishing Fever
Take aim and catch the big fishes.
Catch FishCatch Fish
Drop the bombs and catch the fish.
Weekend FishingWeekend Fishing
Enjoy a relaxed weekend of country fishing.

Fighting Games

RO Boxer2RO Boxer2
Knock out your opponent.
Crazy Flasher 3Crazy Flasher 3
Use your fighting skills to beat opponents.
Kings WinKings Win
Be the blue king and destroy the red king.
Electric ManElectric Man
Use your fighting skills and beat the enemy.
3 Foot Ninja 23 Foot Ninja 2
Fight multiple enemies at a time on your quest.
Big House BeatdownBig House Beatdown
Fight to death to keep your honor.

Dressup Games

Go To BeachGo To Beach
Dress up the girl for the beach.
Lovely Fashion 10Lovely Fashion 10
Adorn the girl with bright fashion.
Lovely Fashion 15Lovely Fashion 15
Dress up the pink haired beauty.
Party Holiday DressParty Holiday Dress
Dress up the curly haired girl for the party.
Sports WearSports Wear
Adorn the girl with sports apparel.
Suite StylerSuite Styler
Put a complete makeover on your girl.

Sonic Games

Heroes PuzzleHeroes Puzzle
Help sonic stack blocks and then clear them.
Sonic PacmanSonic Pacman
Eat the rings and milestones before being eaten.
Sonic BloxSonic Blox
Make brick rows and clear them.
Sonic TripSonic Trip
Help sonic jump and collect coins.
Super HedgehogSuper Hedgehog
Help sonic free the animals from the evil spell.
Ultimate FlashUltimate Flash
Help sonic complete the ultimate adventure.

Car Games

4 Wheel Madness4 Wheel Madness
Try to reach the finish line in your monster truck.
Danger WheelsDanger Wheels
Blow up the rival car with bombs.
Van ManiaVan Mania
Stop fast cars and hippies from passing you.
Ice TruckIce Truck
Deliver ice cream to kids in your truck.
London CabbieLondon Cabbie
Park your cab and avoid getting hit.
City Mall ParkingCity Mall Parking
Get into the car, drive it and park it safely.

Board Games

Play the classic game of checkers.
Koala CheckersKoala Checkers
Checkers with a koala backdrop.
Play the classic game of backgammon.
Chinese CheckersChinese Checkers
Move your marbles in the opponents pyramid.
Play the classic game of domino tiles.
Convert your opponent's pieces by covering them.

Animal Games

Cat BatCat Bat
Rid the castle of the pesky little cats.
Cat VacCat Vac
Rid the castle of the cats by "vaccing" them.
Hippo FunHippo Fun
Eat all the fruits and avoid the logs.
Mouse ShuffleMouse Shuffle
Help the mouse keep the food off the ground.
Bunny GrabBunny Grab
Help the bunny grab the glasses before time runs out.
Bread CatchBread Catch
Catch the breads as the cow throws them.

Mario Games

Star CatcherStar Catcher
Help mario collect the coins and reach the star.
Super 64Super 64
Help mario collect the coins and avoid the enemies.
Star CatcherStar Catcher
Help mario collect the coins and reach the star.
Help mario shoot down the enemies with his gun.
Mario's World 2Mario's World 2
Rescue the princess from the evil bowser.
Mario WantedMario Wanted
Shoot the enemies as they pull up beside you.

Casino Games

Casino CrapsCasino Craps
Chance your luck against the dice.
Beat the dice and win the bet.
Dukes Hold EmDukes Hold Em
Stake your cards and win the hand.
Hit Me JackHit Me Jack
Beat the dealer with a black jack.
River BelleRiver Belle
Score as close to 21 as possible.
Slot PokerSlot Poker
Play poker on the slot machine.

Scooby Doo Games

Air Snow ShowAir Snow Show
Jump higher and higher on snow.
Big Air ShowBig Air Show
Enable scooby to reach high on the vert ramp.
Curse of the PipeCurse of the Pipe
Slide your way to the highest jump you can manage.
Graveyard DashGraveyard Dash
Lead scooby out of the cemetary quickly.
Highway SmashHighway Smash
Avoid the other cars and make it to the end.
Scooby Doo - Mystery Machine RideScooby Doo - Mystery Machine Ride
Try to collect as much ghosts as you can.

Spongebob Games

Bubble BustingBubble Busting
Pop as many bubbles as possible.
Jellyfish ShuffleJellyfish Shuffle
Slide your jellyfish on the shuffleboard.
Monster SmooshMonster Smoosh
Destroy the sea monsters and find the treasure.
Pyramid PerilPyramid Peril
Stay away from stinging sea creatures.
Sea SmashoutSea Smashout
Help the sponge break through the coral reef.
Trail of the SnailTrail of the Snail
Help the sponge find his partner.

Basketball Games

Hoops ManiaHoops Mania
Shoot the hoops into baskets before time runs out.
Mega HoopsMega Hoops
Shoot the ball into the nets before time runs out.
Quick ShotQuick Shot
Shoot the hoop before time runs out.
One on OneOne on One
Score points before time runs out.
Shooting HoopsShooting Hoops
Score as many points as possible.
Squid BallSquid Ball
Take aim and shoot the hoop.

Golf Games

Verti GolfVerti Golf
Put the ball in the hole in this 3D Game.
Everybody's GolfEverybody's Golf
Finish each hole in least number of strokes.
King PuttKing Putt
Putt the golf ball in the hole.
Mini PuttMini Putt
Putt the ball in various holes.
Mini Putt 3Mini Putt 3
Avoid obstacles and putt the ball.
St. Mulligan PuttSt. Mulligan Putt
An exciting 3D Golf Game.

Kids Games

Eggy EasterEggy Easter
Help easter bunny get to town safely.
Pig on The RocketPig on The Rocket
Help the pig grab all the fruit and fuel.
Dancing BlairDancing Blair
Let the leader rock the dance floor.
Dancing HillaryDancing Hillary
Make the former first lady dance.
Save the FairylandSave the Fairyland
Help the creepy little girl on her way to save the fairyland
Sweet Cookie ShopSweet Cookie Shop
You must server the kids with preferred cookies.

Mahjong Games

Shanghai MahjongShanghai Mahjong
Clear the board of stones by matching pairs.
Mahjong ConnectMahjong Connect
Remove matching tiles by connecting them.
Mahjong DeluxeMahjong Deluxe
Clear the stack of tiles before time runs out.
Mahjong SolitaireMahjong Solitaire
Match free tiles and clear the stack.
Monster MahjongMonster Mahjong
Play mahjong with the monsters and pirates.
Mahjong Connect 2Mahjong Connect 2
Find pairs of similar icons to move to the next level.

Makeover Games

Girl Makeover 50Girl Makeover 50
Makeover the pony tail girl.
Makeup GamesMakeup Games
Put make up on the wide eyed girl.
Dressup RoomDressup Room
Decorate the girl's pink room.
My Lovely Home 7My Lovely Home 7
Decorate the room with stripped walls.
Santas RoomSantas Room
Decorate santa's locality.
Bride RoomBride Room
Decorate the bride's room.

Cool Math Games

Da NumbaDa Numba
Test your number crunching skills.
Create arithmatic combos before time runs out.
Add Like MadAdd Like Mad
Add numbers to match the asked number.
Double DigitsDouble Digits
Show your skills at addition and subtraction.
Baseball AdditionBaseball Addition
Learn addition while enjoying baseball.
Multiplication StationMultiplication Station
Test your multiplication skills.

Pool Games

Sheep PoolSheep Pool
Push the numbered sheep into the numbered pockets.
Pot the ball in this classic game of pool.
Bomb PoolBomb Pool
Clear the pool table before time runs out.
Verti PoolVerti Pool
Arrange the balls in the given order.
Real PoolReal Pool
Beat the computer in 8 ball pool.
Billiards BlastBilliards Blast
Show your cueing skills and complete challenges.

Shooting Games

Linear AssaultLinear Assault
Classic 2D shooting game.
Tactical AssasinTactical Assasin
Destroy the enemy and avoid the civilians.
1 Star Ship1 Star Ship
Defend your planet in your fighter plane.
Bug TimeBug Time
Shoot the insects that have infested your house.
Hard TargetHard Target
Shoot as many targets as you can.
Wrath 2Wrath 2
Punish the creatures by jolting them.

Space Games

Raiden XRaiden X
Shoot and destroy enemy artillery.
The WingThe Wing
Protect the mother ship from asteroids.
Gobble the right planets to meet your hunger.
Fly your space ship and destroy enemies.
Mars StandMars Stand
Destroy the towers from your UFO.
Starship WarsStarship Wars
Fight the war to regain supremacy of space.

Strategy Games

Program the robot to compete against others.
Be a virus and kill as many humans as you can.
Spider BugsSpider Bugs
Connect bugs of the same color.
Alien BounceAlien Bounce
Catapult the alien as far as possible.
Beaver DiveBeaver Dive
Collect pearls under water.
Control the most armies by placing tiles.

Tennis Games

Tennis AceTennis Ace
Serve the aces & shoot the volleys!!
3D Tennis Game3D Tennis Game
Beat the best on the grass court.
Beach TennisBeach Tennis
Play tennis on the beach.
Galactic TennisGalactic Tennis
Play tennis with aliens from other planets.
Techno TennisTechno Tennis
Play high power tennis with your robot.
Wimbledon HeroWimbledon Hero
Play your best tennis and win the championship.

War Games

Ammo AmbushAmmo Ambush
Hold your position against enemy forces.
Armed InvasionArmed Invasion
Shoot down enemy soldiers with your turret.
Endless War 3Endless War 3
Destroy enemies and become a war hero.
Autumn WarAutumn War
Evade infected personnel till enforcements arrive.
100 Men100 Men
Kill enemy soldiers before they hit your base.
Missing in ActionMissing in Action
Rescue as many soldiers as you can.

Word Games

Destroy your enemies by typing words.
Push bubbles to form words.
Hang The AlienHang The Alien
Guess the word before you are hanged.
Find hidden words amongst tumbling tiles.
Alphabet JungleAlphabet Jungle
Spell as many words as you can in the given time.
Spider WordSpider Word
Help spiderman fight the evil doctor by spelling words.

Funny Games

Deflect cooties before they get you.
Fruity TwirlsFruity Twirls
Try to eliminate as many fruits as you can.
Head GameHead Game
Control the meatwad and guide carl's body.
Panty RaidPanty Raid
Steal the panties without getting caught.
Pigeon HitPigeon Hit
Use your pigeon to dirty the folks.
Sandwich MakerSandwich Maker
Create 18 sandwiches without messing up.

Boxing Games

Cow FighterCow Fighter
Pit the cows against each other and land the punches and kicks.
2D Knock Out2D Knock Out
Knock out the best boxers in the world.
Golden Glove BoxingGolden Glove Boxing
Be on your way to become the world boxing champion.
Hot Blood BoxingHot Blood Boxing
Knock out your opponent before he does so.
Side Ring Knock OutSide Ring Knock Out
Punch your way to winning the championship.
Fighter TrainingFighter Training
Train yourself to be a world class boxer.

Cooking Games

Bunnies CookingBunnies Cooking
Help the bunnies cook the recipe by mixing ingredients.
Mexican FajitasMexican Fajitas
Follow instructions and cook your favorite mexican dish.
Frenzy KitchenFrenzy Kitchen
Help Goofy Serve the right meals to the right customers.
Kitchen QueenKitchen Queen
Follow the instructions to bake and decorate a cake.
Make a PizzaMake a Pizza
Impress your customers by serving them pizzas on time.
Ramen CookingRamen Cooking
Cook and complete 16 bowls of delicious ramen.

Love Games

Commuter CupidCommuter Cupid
Help the cupid shoot the commuters with his magic arrows.
Catch A SmoochieCatch A Smoochie
Avoid the broken hearts and catch as many kisses as you can.
Cupid's QuestCupid's Quest
Help cupid shoot hearts and to get to his brother in time.
Kiss or MissKiss or Miss
Shoot your kisses as far as you can.
Love TesterLove Tester
Check your name compatibility with your loved one.
Pico Sim DatePico Sim Date
Make the girls fall in love with you.

Trivia Games

Quickly select the correct answer to win points.
Are You Totally SpyAre You Totally Spy
Test your ability to keep secrets.
Quiz Game - Human BodyQuiz Game - Human Body
Test your knowledge of the Human Body.
The Quiz GameThe Quiz Game
Test your general knowledge.
Who Wants To Be a MillionaireWho Wants To Be a Millionaire
Play the famous game and earn a million dollars.
Trivia QuizTrivia Quiz
Test your General Knowledge in this trivia game.

Educational Games

Cartoon Coloring BookCartoon Coloring Book
Paint your favorite cartoon characters.
Drag and DropDrag and Drop
Drag the pictures to the correct boxes.
Hidden ABCHidden ABC
Find out the hidden alphabets in the picture.
IQ TestIQ Test
Wrestle your brain and test your IQ.
Tower BlasterTower Blaster
Build a tower by placing number blocks.
Color Me - Chibi WitchColor Me - Chibi Witch
Paint Chibi the Witch in vibrant colors.

Music Games

Virtual Band 2000Virtual Band 2000
Pump up the music and thrill your fans.
Rock OutRock Out
Match the notes with the correct instruments.
Music WindMusic Wind
Collect the same music symbols to create a harmony song.
Monsters of RockMonsters of Rock
Pluck the music notes as they hit the pickup bar.
Jungle JiggyJungle Jiggy
Keep simmo dancing as long as you can.
DJ Fest 2DJ Fest 2
Try to be the best DJ on the wheel, hitting the highest scratching score.

Hockey Games

Sekonda Ice HockeySekonda Ice Hockey
Hit the defenders and score the goals.
Disc BattleDisc Battle
Control the disc and score goals.
Super Slap ShotSuper Slap Shot
Power the puck into the goal.
Villian Smash OutVillian Smash Out
Score goals in this classic game of air hockey.
Nice WorryNice Worry
Take aim and shoot the puck in the goal.
Pro HockeyPro Hockey
Beat the goal keeper and score goals.

Airplane Games

Air Traffic ChiefAir Traffic Chief
Land your aircraft to safety and avoid colission
Airfield MayhemAirfield Mayhem
Land your aircraft on the same coloured runway
Command GridCommand Grid
Destroy your enemies and protect your base
Park My PlanePark My Plane
Park your airplane to safety in its respective parking bay
Star Defender 4Star Defender 4
Use your airship to destroy the aliens and save the mother ship
TU 95TU 95
Captain your aircraft and make it fly and land

Alien Games

Go to earth and hunt hillbillies
Back To Alien PartyBack To Alien Party
Fly high and nab those great prizes
Brink of AlienationBrink of Alienation
Search and destroy the nasty aliens
Monsters vs Aliens Save EarthMonsters vs Aliens Save Earth
Save your hide while collecting monster DNA
UFO RacingUFO Racing
Race against the best UFO racers in the universe
Alien QuestAlien Quest
Help the alien escape the security guards

Chota Bheem Games

Chocolate WorldChocolate World
Dodge the guards and collect the candies
Play the exciting game of one to one combat
Cricket PaathshalaCricket Paathshala
Beat the team of Kaalia in a game of cricket
Cricket PangaCricket Panga
Play against multiple bowlers in the game of cricket
Help chota bheem and chutki catch fishes
Ladoo ManiaLadoo Mania
Catch ladoos in your basket before mausi returns

Doraemon Games

Doraemon BadmintonDoraemon Badminton
Play badminton with doraemon
Baseball with NobitaBaseball with Nobita
Play baseball with nobita
Bad DogsBad Dogs
Help nobita gobble up the dora cakes while avoiding obstacles
Doraemon BowlingDoraemon Bowling
Show your bowling skills with doraemon
Doraemon JigsawDoraemon Jigsaw
Fix up the doraemon and nobita jigsaw puzzle
Doraemon ColoringDoraemon Coloring
Colour doraemon and nobita in bright colours

Disney Games

Pooh Balloon TrailPooh Balloon Trail
Help pooh and piglet follow the balloon trail
Jungle Book BoogieJungle Book Boogie
Help mowgli rescue baloo
Pillow FightPillow Fight
Enjoy a game of pillow fight with your disney buddies
Mickey Soccer FeverMickey Soccer Fever
Enjoy kicking and saving with mickey
Sky Links GolfSky Links Golf
Enjoy sky golf with donald duck
School in SessionSchool in Session
Help your disney friends complete their school assignments

Farm Games

Dwarf VillageDwarf Village
Become a village farmer and grow your farm
Farm FrenzyFarm Frenzy
Show your farming skills and build your farm
Farm FunFarm Fun
Demonstrate your farming skills
Earn money by successfully running your farm
Happy GardenerHappy Gardener
Plant trees and gather fruits before time runs out
Get the cow to the bottle and fill it with milk

Dora Games

Star Mountain Mini GolfStar Mountain Mini Golf
Play the game of golf with dora on the mountains
V FlowerV Flower
Help dora arrange the flowers for valentines day
Candy TransportCandy Transport
Help dora deliver the candies
Fairy Cart WheelsFairy Cart Wheels
Help dora drive the cart wheel and collect the flowers
Halloween PuzzleHalloween Puzzle
help dora solve the halloween jigsaw puzzle
Real StockReal Stock
Play the game of stock market with dora

Horse Games

Horse JumpingHorse Jumping
Jump your horse, achieve the 14 levels and win the cup
Horsey RacingHorsey Racing
Speed up your horse and win the race
Nicky RoundupNicky Roundup
Help nicky round up the pigs on her horse
Pennys Courageous RidePennys Courageous Ride
Ride with penny,collect goodies and avoid the obstacles
Show JumpingShow Jumping
Guide your steed to equestrian victory
Stay The DistanceStay The Distance
Pick your horse and win the jackpot

Ben 10 Games

Shoot the aliens before they disappear
Bird HuntingBird Hunting
Shoot the birds but avoid the sparrow
Critical ImpactCritical Impact
Use heatblast to destroy the meteors before they hit the earth
Kung FuKung Fu
Show your kung fu skills and fight the aliens
Skater MathSkater Math
Solve maths problems and speed up your skateboard
Monster TruckMonster Truck
Drive the monster truck with ben 10

Spider Man Games

Photo HuntPhoto Hunt
Take a top notch photo of spiderman for the newspaper front page
Rescue Mary JaneRescue Mary Jane
Help spiderman rescue mary jane from the clutches of the evil venom
Ice BikeIce Bike
Glide with spiderman atop his bike on a road of ice
Clear various levels with spiderman and his bike on a tough road
Speed up and enable spiderman to cruise across the city on his bike
Web of WordsWeb of Words
Spell words, climb buildings to save the city from doc ock

Tom and Jerry Games

Dash and CatchDash and Catch
Assemble your team and catch the ball
Midnight SnackMidnight Snack
Help the sleepwalking jerry collect the cheese and goodies
Colouring PageColouring Page
Colour tom and jerry in vivid colours
Super Ski StuntsSuper Ski Stunts
Help tom and jerry pass the tricky stunt tests
Enjoy a game of ten pin bowling with tom and jerry
Refrigerator RaidersRefrigerator Raiders
Take aim, hit your enemy and collect the goodies

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